Commercial Emergency Backup & Portable Power Generators - Portable, Natural Gas, Diesel, & Hybrid

You rely on electricity to keep your business running day in and day out.

You don't even stop to think about what would happen if your energy source were to fail. So what would happen if your power simply failed? What if you couldn’t immediately restore power to your property?

If you’re like any number of small business owners, you haven’t thought twice about a backup power solution. And now you’re worried about the impact that an electrical failure would have to your livelihood. Not to mention the livelihood of your employees and people who depend on your business.

Every second counts in the event of an outage. There is nothing scarier than an uncontrollable and unforeseen loss of profits, after all. Luckily, there are ways that you can preserve your business in an emergency situation. We’re here to help you figure out the best backup energy solution for your Sonoma County business.

At Santa Rosa Electricians, we’ll help you understand the cost-effective benefits of an emergency diesel generator. Our experienced technicians will show you the latest commercial generators. And we’ll help you make a selection based on your power needs. Let us show you how a backup power supply can take some of the uncertainty out of your business. If you’re serious about keeping your business running in any situation, give us a call today!

Commercial & Business Diesel Power Generators, Sonoma County


Emergency Backup Commercial Generators For Santa Rosa Businesses

Did you know that not just any generator is going to be suitable for your company? You may need more power options to run additional equipment, including computers and security systems. You need an emergency generator that will activate whether your business is open or not. You need a power source you can rely on around the clock. Your backup power supply should be as sure as the sunrise.

Anything can happen. From massive storms to massive power grid failures, there’s no telling when disaster might strike. You have enough to worry about when it comes to running your business. You’ll have one less thing to worry about with a commercial generator installation from Santa Rosa Electricians. That means not worrying about profit loss due to lack of productivity, security breaches, or down equipment. If you’re worried about where your commercial power might come from tomorrow, you need a backup generator.

Emergency Backup Generator For Your Commercial Business, Santa Rosa

Portability, Power, Efficiency

There are a number of generator styles to choose from. Imagine you operate a construction site where power is unreliable, but an undeniable part of the job. You need to power lights, tools and equipment, and even communication and security systems. In a case like this, a landlocked generator is going to be more hassle than benefit. On the other hand, there are also tow behind generator options available. You can move your portable generator from site to site for electricity where you need it most.

These aren’t your portable camp site generators. Towable generators might sound small, but they are much larger than their residential counterparts. These generators pack a punch as a commercial emergency power source. They’re also a preferred solution for electrical access for road and construction crews. Since tow behind commercial generators are most often fueled by diesel, they have lower emissions and cleaner burning engines. Models like the Aurora Deutz KW Diesel Generator can run for 1000 hours without stopping for an oil change. With additional run time, you’re set to keep working even when other businesses have to shut down.

Installers of Commercial Power Generators in Sonoma County

Protecting your assets is your priority, even if your business doesn’t run around the clock. The surest way to never worry about keeping your business operational is with a backup commercial generator. Our diesel powered commercial generators are some of the most feature rich on the market today. That means you’ll get cost effective, environmentally mindful power for longer than ever before.

Commercial & Business Backup Power Generators, Sonoma County


Our diesel powered commercial generators are some of the most feature rich on the market today, assuring longer ranges of uninterrupted power for your business and a more cost effective and environmentally mindful running options. For contractors, Santa Rosa Electricians can help you choose between the latest towable power generator models such as the Aurora Deutz 20 KW Diesel Generator which can run for an astounding 45 days (1000) hours without stopping or requiring an oil change. Not to mention, being fueled by clean, no emission diesel.

We are a leading electrical contractor in Santa Rosa, California with a team of experienced technicians. No matter how large your business or how flexible your power needs to be, we’re here to help. Let our team help you choose a commercial generator that fits the power and production needs of your business. If you need help with choosing the right commercial backup generator, give us a call. We’ll take you from purchase to installation, and will even complete maintenance on your generator when needed. Get a quote on our leading diesel generator models today and stop worrying about your commercial power.