Safety is Paramount during Emergency Electrical Repair – How To Deal With Electrical Emergencies

Emergency Electrical Services by Santa Rosa Electricians, 947 Yuba Dr Santa Rosa, CA 95407, (707) 387-1888Electrical wiring and the current that flows through it is quite sophisticated and very dangerous when it gets out of control. Even the threat of getting a mild shock is enough to make most individuals back away and call for emergency electrical repair from professionals that know the right steps to take. Before attempting to fix an electrical problem in your own home, please call us about our residential services. Electrical problems should only be handled by a highly-trained professional.

Your home or office building can have circuit breakers, fuse boxes, or both. Outlets and switches may be connected to various control boxes around the property, particularly in rural, commercial, and agricultural areas. Reaching the right Santa Rosa electrician is easy when you place our number on speed dial. Just the push of a button will reach us if there is an electrical emergency at your North Bay area home or business. Customer service will provide safety tips to keep you and your family service until help arrives. You can reach us at (707) 387-1888.

Complex wiring systems are common in any building or outdoor facility. Things can go wrong in a hurry, although situations can be heralded by early warnings that don’t seem important at the time. Experience as an emergency electrical contractor has provided a list of typical electrical situations needing resolved quickly, including:

Exposed conductors – Safety standards for electrical conductors include guidelines for the amount of load they can carry. Insulation guards against failing when normal operations raise the temperature. Putting too much demand on the conductors can damage the insulation. Circuit parts and electrical conductors should be suitably enclosed, insulated, guarded, or isolated when they are in a location where a person could accidentally come in contact with them.

Loose wiring – Wires must be put together and secured properly. Gaps and other types of improper wiring open the door to shock or fire. Unless you know what you are doing, call an expert to take care of rewiring needs.

Flickering lights – Loose connections in the neutral and breaker cause dimming or flickering lights. The circuit may also heat up, tripping the breaker. Our professionals at Santa Rosa Electricians will test, repair, or replace the items causing the problem.

Sparking wires or appliances – Bare wires touch each other and cause a short circuit, which builds heat and causes sparks. The sparks you see from the outlet or appliance are likely happening elsewhere. Sparks behind the wall cause fires that may not be noticed until they have built up in strength. An electrician will check and fix the problem. If you detect a burning odor from any of your appliances or they are constantly tripping the circuit, blowing a fuse, or working sluggishly, contact us immediately — an expert electrician must evaluate the situation to prevent further damage to your electrical system.

Damaged transformers – Electrical outages are often due to damaged transformers. Businesses and residential areas may receive power from different transformers than others in their area. This leads to some homes and buildings having electricity while nearby structures have none. An electrician can verify any damage to your circuit or meter box and identify whether it is safe to hook up a generator until power is restored.

Any of the above situations lead to dangerous, expensive incidents when they are not taken care of immediately. Trying to take care of an electrical emergency without the qualifications to do so can damage wiring and appliances further, start an electrical fire, or electrocute you. Like any emergency, this type of situation happens at any given moment. We offer electrical repair to our customers because we know emergencies occur around the clock.

Business and Residential Service

Electrical problems and failures cause inventory loss, business downtime, property damage, and injury and death. Santa Rosa Electricians’ commercial and industrial emergency electrical repair services have helped businesses recover from this type of situation for years. Call our team of experts, known for their quick response time. We understand that every minute your business suffers from lost power impacts productivity and income. We’ll be on the scene to resolve the problem and get operations back up and running as soon as possible.

Electricity impacts your business in a number of ways. Fixed wiring, circuit breakers, meters, light fixtures, transformers, cords, plugs, switches, and outlets are just some of the things that can cause problems requiring immediate attention. Our emergency electrical services include:

  • Troubleshooting to determine the problem(s).
  • Providing a temporary power supply during a power outage.
  • Disconnecting power to exposed conductors to prevent sparking wires or electrocution.
  • Repairing or replacing electrical components that are damaged.

Providing services to commercial and industrial properties during an electrical emergency is our specialty, but we also provide repair services and troubleshooting to residences in the same predicament. Contact us at (707) 387-1888 to find out how we can help.

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