Your Home Might Require an Electrical Panel Replacement

residential-electric-santa-rosa-ca-300x169If you’ve heard your neighbors talking about an electrical panel replacement, you may be wondering if it is something to consider for your home. One of the first things to find out is the age of your house. The next thing to check is whether you still have a fuse box instead of circuit breakers.

You’ll also want to choose the best Santa Rosa Electrician you can find. We have in-depth knowledge of installation, construction, maintenance and operation of electrical installation and equipment. We also have certificates showing successful completion of safety training that teaches recognition of electrical safety hazards and how to avoid them.

Proper electrical panel installation is important because it is the item that provides electrical power through the house, garage, and perhaps even the outside lights on the porch, patio, and in the yard. Electrical know-how is a sophisticated area of skill. You’re not expected to know if the panels are up to date or properly configured. Our expert team will evaluate what’s installed in your home. They will explain any concerns and why an electrical panel needs electrical repair or replacement.

How Important is a Good Electrical Panel?

The most valuable electrical unit in your home is the electrical panel. It must be working properly to distribute the required power to each item.

What Happens when Panels Malfunction?

Malfunctioning panels are quite dangerous. Among the problems they cause, these three stand out:

  • Panels that fail to operate properly can overheat and catch fire.
  • Circuits can short out, tripping the circuit breakers and stopping the flow of electricity in your home.
  • High levels of current can be generated without tripping the circuit breakers, making it possible for anyone in the room to receive an electric shock.

What to Do about an Obsolete Electrical Panel

Contact one of the qualified electrical contractors in Santa Rosa if your electrical panel is ineffective or obsolete (such as an older Zinsco panel). We offer an electrical panel inspection, a $175 value, absolutely FREE. Click here to view more information about this special offer. There is no sense in having an extreme safety and fire hard in your home when electrical panel replacement is readily available.

Resolve Many Electrical Problems with an Electrical Panel Installation, Repair, or Replacement

It’s common for homes to have electrical panels that are obsolete or no longer working correctly. Our experts:

  • Evaluate the status of the panel.
  • Advise the homeowner about the findings and any needed action.
  • Upon approval, repair or replace the ineffective unit.

The benefit of replacing an older panel is threefold:

  • 1.The new panel is designed to handle the current running through the home.
  • 2.New outlets and circuits are added to minimize the chance of an overload.
  • 3.Circuits can be added for future power needs due to proposed home renovations.

Call our team of experts today regarding electrical panel needs for your home. Lowe’s Electric handles electrical concerns throughout Santa Rosa and the North Bay. Homes today demand more electricity than they required when first built. Updating your panel will greatly improve the distribution of power to each room and appliance. The estimate is FREE when you call us at (707) 387-1888

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