Choose The Right Home Backup Generator

It can be easy to understand why having a generator installed for your Sonoma County home is important. But you can feel like you’re stumbling in the dark when it comes to choosing the right generator or backup power solution. Your uncertainty can quickly turn to panic, and to poor decisions. You could end up choosing a backup power supply that’s wrong for your home. Or you might just put it off until it’s too late.

In fact, making a rash decision or no decision at all could mean shooting yourself in the foot. It could even mean that you face unexpected costs. On average, 70% of homeowners left without power during a storm end up losing more money. Why? Because an unexpected outage can mean spoiled food, frozen pipes, battery purchases, and even hotel stays.

You need to know what functions your generator will need to serve. How much of your house do you need to power? Have you considered what would happen to your home security in an outage? And what happens if your home generator fails when you need it most?

Don’t feel pressured into getting the wrong backup power for your Santa Rosa home. Trust our experienced electrical staff to guide you through the process of choosing a generator. We’ll make sure you have the features you need to keep your home functioning and your family comfortable. Call Santa Rosa Electricians today to learn more about our top rated home generator models. We can have a low profile generator installed on your property long before disaster strikes!

Home & Residential Diesel Power Generators, Sonoma County


Comfort, Security, Convenience

Having a backup generator for your home is about more than just convenience, it’s about comfort and security. When your home loses power, you might lose access to your security system, your appliances, and your electronics in the blink of an eye. If you work from home or just live a busy lifestyle, you’re suddenly losing money. With a home generator installation, you don’t need to worry about outages at all. With systems that kick in automatically at the first sign of an outage, you won’t even notice the difference.

Standby Generators and Portable Home Generator Models

You may be in the market for a standby generator or a portable one. Homeowners frequently choose a generator based on cost. However, price shouldn’t be the biggest factor in your home generator purchase. It all depends on the features of your home that will need power during an outage.

Portable generators run on clean diesel, making them more fuel efficient and environmentally mindful. When not used as residential power backups, these generators have a wide range of functions. Portables are a preferred choice for homeowners who want to make the most out of their investment.

Emergency Backup Generator For Your Commercial Business, Santa Rosa

If you want to power your entire home with no interruptions, you’ll want to invest in a standby generator. Standby generators add more value to your home. Not to mention, they are safer and easier to operate. Most standby generators are hooked to your home’s natural gas line and installed with automatic transfer switches. This allows your generator to activate seamlessly in the event of an outage.

We’re here to help you get uninterrupted power in any situation. If you’re ready to invest in a backup power system for residential properties in Santa Rosa, give us a call at (707) 387-1888. We’ll help fit the right generator to your home based on your power needs.